Yukon: White Gold

The White Gold Properties

With 8 properties totaling 67,448 hectares, Taku Gold is currently one of the largest stakeholders in the White Gold District.

Many of these properties neighbour Kinross' properties which have demonstrated major resources. And like those properties, this terrain features prospective rock types and structures similar to nearby Kinross, Kaminak and Comstock discoveries.

An Aggressive Exploration Program

Taku has completed a high resolution, multi-sensor, airborne geophysical survey over all of Taku's properties.

The company has also completed detailed deep-auger soil sampling surveys on all Properties all of which having ongoing significant placer gold production on them.

In 2012, these detailed surveys resulted in the discovery of 7 significant Gold anomalies including the very large Hudbay and Norwest Gold Zones located on the Rosebute property.

In 2013, Taku intends to drill these new discoveries in the White Gold District.

The highlights of Taku's exploration efforts in Yukon to date are as follows:

  • Total coverage of airborne geophysics - 76,000 hectares
  • Total soils collected - 45,000+
  • Total trenches - 24
  • Total drill holes - 23
  • Total drilling metres - 3571m

Taku Gold Exploration Highlights

  • Rosebute
    • 2 Gold Zones over 5kms up to 3.4 g/t (3,400ppb) gold in soils
    • Drilled 23.4m of 0.952g/t gold at Norwest zone
    • Initial trenching at Hudbay zone returned 5m of 6.17g/t gold
  • Sulphur
    • 5 Gold Zones up to 576ppb gold in soils
    • Drilled 2m of 0.31g/t gold at Lions zone
  • Quartz
    • 1 Gold anomaly, up to 24ppb gold in soils
  • Wounded Moose
    • 4 Gold anomalies, up to 746ppb gold in soils

  • Regional White Gold Map
    Regional White Gold Map